Saturday, September 3, 2011

Naturally Skinny People

I feel like I could get some backlash on this one, because it’s technically (supposedly) something people can’t help. Like being gay or having fantastic cheekbones, it’s something you’re born with. Whatever. I hate them all anyway.

You figure it out pretty quickly as a chunky kid that some of your friends look different from you. When it’s time to throw on your bathing suits and hop in someone’s pool, and you’re the last to take off your t -shirt, only revealing your giant one-piece for a split second RIGHT before you jump in…you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find the root of the shame. None of the skinny kids were huffing and puffing when it came time to run the mile in gym. Ever seen School of Rock? None of those little girls were scared to sing because they were too thin. Nay, Turkey Sub had to hear about how Aretha Franklin could still be fat and famous before she would get up in front of a crowd.

I searched for images of fat kids but it felt really depressingly awful and demeaning. Here is a fat cat.

And here’s what I hate about them: those skinny people will never, ever, ever understand that shame. I’m not saying everything in their lives will go perfectly. I’m not saying being naturally thin equals an easy road. I’m just saying it’s one thing that they’ll never have to worry about, and, in my experience, have a really hard time empathizing with. Nobody ever really makes fun of people for being too skinny. There aren’t a ton of cruel names for super thin people. They’ll never have to be embarrassed about the size clothing they wear, squeezing into a plane seat, breaking a chair…what’s their biggest concern? Blowing over in a windstorm? How sad.

I remember once in high school I knew a girl who was very, very naturally thin. Someone asked her, “Gosh, how much do you weigh?” And she blushed and shrugged, mumbled “I dunno” and walked away. Another girl turned and said to the questioner, “You know, that is just as rude as asking a really heavy person how much they weigh.” Ummmmm. Are. You. Kidding. NO. It is not. People are praised and revered for being super thin! US Weekly throws a party for any lady who loses 10 lbs then heads to the beach! Plus-size models still weigh considerably less than most of the population! Size 0 exists in our world! Come on!

"If a car drives by I might fall over...but these pants are XXS!"

Here’s my other problem. I know being naturally skinny is a thing. I just kind of refuse to believe that if they tried really, really, really hard, those people still wouldn’t get fat. Sure, it’s not their first instinct to sit down and eat a half pound of mashed potatoes and gravy. (It’s not…mine…either.) But if they did that every day for a month, would they still be so stick thin? I think not! All throughout middle school, Stephanie Allen (bless her skinny heart) ate exactly half her lunch every single day. If she ate her whole lunch, would you still misplace her when she turned sideways? The world may never know!

Those of you who are more argumentative or militant may compare this to those who believe you can “pray the gay away,“ and change your sexual orientation if you try hard enough. That is a ridiculous concept. Nobody should force themselves to be with someone they aren’t attracted to just to conform to a bunch of Bible thumpers’ view of what’s right and wrong. BUT - making out with someone of a non-preferred gender is awful. Stuffing your face with Chinese food is awesome. Clear distinction. And thus I hypothesize that anyone who’s “naturally thin” just isn’t trying hard enough. I, for one, am always in it to win it. And that’s why those with stomachs that nature has declared too tiny to pig out really, realllllllyy piss me off.

PS. Some of you may be thinking that my logic also applies to naturally heavy people. Ie, challenge yourself to eat less than you want, and you could become a skinny person. To you I say, shut up. Nobody likes you.


  1. You really think that skinny people don't get made fun of? Well you would be oh so wrong... I am 15 5/5 and i barely weigh 100 pounds. People who are over weight get made fun of behind their backs, but people who are under weight get made fun of to their faces. You wanna tell us that isn't bad. I was wants called disgustingly skinny, you don't think that hurt...a lot......i don't try to be skinny, honestly i eat all the time, but i also exercise all the time and i have a high metabolism....ITS NOT MY FAULT! you really think i would chose to not be able to fit into clothes i hope the next time you decide to go spouting off about things you have no clue about maybe you will think twice

  2. Wow you're very ignorant to say naturally thin people don't get made fun of. You sound like a total douche bag. Keh, you don't know shit. Do you know how many times a day people talk shit about how skinny I am and tell me I need to eat more? I have no pity for overweight people... Fuck that. Your completely oblivious. I eat then go lay down on the couch but I still gain no weight. It's very frustrating.

  3. Us naturally thin people have high metabolisms. So, if we "really really tried hard enough," we would have to not only eat 10 hours a day, but we would also have to trade healthy habits for unhealthy ones, eg sleep less, be less active, and only eat fatty foods. We would have to literally "overpower" our digestive systems. All just to simply GAIN wieght!
    We are not hungry most of the time. Naturally. So it IS like trying to "kiss the non-preferred sex." If we are forced to eat ALL the time when we are NOT hungry most the time, it will make "Stuffing your face with Chinese food" NOT awesome.

    "And thus I hypothesize that anyone who’s “naturally thin” just isn’t trying hard enough."
    Trying hard enough to what? Be fat? Why must natural thins start trying hard to gain weight, when we're perfectly healthy? It is BAD to eat more than your body needs. Some of us like being thin.

    "I, for one, am always in it to win it. And that’s why those with stomachs that nature has declared too tiny to pig out really, realllllllyy piss me off."
    So in other words, you are always hungry and eat whatever you see, and are mad at people who are NOT always hungry and DON'T act like pigs. Why would you be mad at someone because they naturally have a high metabolism?
    Joanna, you are incredibly stupid.

    1. Errrm... actually obese people have very high metabolisms too - metabolism is related to muscle growth and eating - anything that keeps the energy cycle going. If someone starves themselves then they will have a crap metabolism because they will use muscle for energy as they have no other resource.
      The reason people get fatter is excess amount of unvaried foods - such as only fats or only sugars or a dangerous combination of both (ie: cake).

      Otherwise, I agree with all the rest.At the end of the day who cares what someone preferes to be and to do? As long as they don't go whining about it - I'm fine with someone behaving differently to me.

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  5. If you're so concerned about being over weight love here's a suggestion.. get off your arse and do something about it, instead of just sitting at your computer slating and judging anyone that's skinnier than yourself. Pathetic.

    It may be the case that you are genetically over weight just like I am genetically under weight. However, unlike you, I am not shallow enough to hate on a whole group of people purely because of how they look and the size clothing they wear.. It's not my fault I am skinny. It's the way I've been born, just like how it's not someone's fault if they're born with a disability. So don't be so prejudice.

    And just for your information being naturally skinny isn't exactly a walk in the park. Do you really think I enjoy not have curves and being told I have the figure of a young boy..?

    16 year old girl, 5'7" & 7 and a half stone. Get over it.

  6. I am allways hungry, but try to use essential oils to suppress my appetite by inhaling essential oils for at least five minutes.

    Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Peppermint are my favourite ones

  7. "And here’s what I hate about them: those skinny people will never, ever, ever understand that shame. I’m not saying everything in their lives will go perfectly. I’m not saying being naturally thin equals an easy road. I’m just saying it’s one thing that they’ll never have to worry about, and, in my experience, have a really hard time empathizing with. Nobody ever really makes fun of people for being too skinny. There aren’t a ton of cruel names for super thin people. They’ll never have to be embarrassed about the size clothing they wear, squeezing into a plane seat, breaking a chair…what’s their biggest concern? Blowing over in a windstorm? How sad."

    I want you to reread your own words and see how you are not even remotely making an attempt to empathize with naturally thin people. Here's the thing, none of us will ever know what it is like to walk in another person's shoes. With that said, it is best to ask if there's something you know nothing about. I have been naturally slender all of my life, so I don't quite understand what life is like for someone who's not. But the same is true for an overweight person, you don't know what life is like for people who are naturally thin or slender. Do you know how I found this article? I was wondering why some of the obese people I know pick on me, so I googled it. If you've ever repeatedly been the butt of a joke for your size, I'm sure you know that it doesn't feel very good. We are just as self-conscious about our bodies as anyone else, and it hurts just as much when someone berates a slender person for it. Those words that you don't consider cruel are not aimed at you, so why would you consider them hurtful? I'm sorry if you had a painful experience due to your weight, but to belittle the pain that another person experiences does not make it any less real. It's okay to just say that you don't understand another person's pain, but please don't pretend that it doesn't exist.

    PS-That whole blowing over in the wind this is a joke within itself, and is completely insulting and annoying for most of us. It just gets old and tired.

    1. Hello person whose name I cannot tell if it's Renee, or A. something is your first name and Renee is your last name. But hello either way.

      First of all, thanks for reading. Second, you can see you're the latest in a long line of people being angry about this particular blog post. But I'm responding because you're the FIRST who has ever answered the question I've always wanted to ask - "How did you find this thing? Did you google 'being skinny is hard?'" Your explanation was a bit more delicate but I appreciate the sentiment. "I was wondering why some of the obese people I know pick on me." I could have told you the answer in much less time than it took you to read my dumb blog. They are jealous of you. But moving on, you're also the first who didn't yell at me, call me a fat asshole and tell me just to eat less, and that it's not their fault I'm so fucking fat (which I find awesome and hilarious in its irony). So I appreciate that too, and it compelled me to respond.

      Here's what you're right about - I will never know what it's like to be a naturally slender person. (But you get pretty words like "slender" while we get "fat" and "chubby." Just putting that out there). I shouldn't presume to know what their feelings are, or if they feel they have it worse than me or other heavier people. How do you equate feelings, anyway? Like how can we ever prove that I feel worse than you about something? We can't. You're right. So let's use statistics. Delicious unbiased numbers.

      Being overweight means you are more likely to make less money. When the average white women put on weight (64 lbs), a study showed their wages dropped 9%. Another study showed being overweight could lower a woman's yearly earnings by as much as 6.2%. You are less likely to get hired for a job if you're overweight (particularly an overweight white woman - the triple death threat for me!).

      It's not just at the workplace - let's go further back in time. According to the National Education Association, teachers have lower expectations for overweight students than they do for thinner ones. In one study, 43 percent of teachers agreed that "most people feel uncomfortable when they associate with obese people." Awesome. Thanks teachers!

      Eating disorder statistics are alarming in this country - It is estimated that 1 in 200 American women suffers from anorexia ( The main symptom of that is severely restricting calories to lose weight. I'm not stupid enough to believe anorexia is all (or even mostly) about being skinny - it's about control, anxiety, body dysmoprhia and a host of other problems - but those manifest themselves in wanting to look thin. The women who suffer with it believe their current bodies are too fat. That disease isn't about health, it's not about getting fit, it's not about squeezing into a new dress. It's about feeling disgusting and hating oneself. My point, inelegantly stated here, is that there's a massive widespread disease whose primary symptom is to need to look more like you than me.

      Maybe I didn't articulate this well enough in my blog post, but my point wasn't that being skinny is an easy breezy beautiful stroll through life. It's that it's easier than being fat. I think objectively this is a fact, proven by numbers. Skinny people might disagree. That's your prerogative. Thanks for reading, hope you checked out some of the other entries that might have been more palatable to you!

      PS of course blowing over in the wind was a stupid joke. My whole blog is stupid jokes! I never claim they are not old and tired.

    2. I have found this blog by searching "why do people hate skinny poeple"? The reason for me doing this is because in recent weeks I have noticed so many ads and posters with the most horrible and hurtful comments about skinnier pictures (ie: before and after shots to promote a silly fast-track weight loss pill). I found this very upsetting, not because it offended me, but because this is what mentalities are shared by the bigger portion of the social network public. It's terrifying! It's become to casual to diss the old-school trend, and as common as using the word "gay" to say something is wussy or pathetic.
      I have recently exposed myself to the bodybuilding world and have learnt so much through my previous studies about physiology, exercise and nutrition. Most of the pictures these social networkers were brutally criticising were hard-working body sculptresses (whose photos were illegally taken from Google Images for their scammy ad) that are actually healthy examples people should look up to - just like most people would admire an Olympian.
      I am not at all saying that being thin and muscly is THE ONLY way women should look like - not at all. But neither is it OK to say that curvy and larger sizes are THE ONLY way women should be. The pressures of appearance apply to anyone no matter which angle you apply! So the topic of health and attractiveness should be two separate and unrelated discussions.

      Now regarding your post above, in which you pull out all of these statistics to claim that life is harder for heavier people. Have you considered the hardship for any other "categorised" person? Such as disabled, elderly, young, blind, deaf, mute, crossed-eyed, poorly-spoken, gender, race... There are SO MANY prejudices in all societies and the world has move forward since the times when only white men had the good jobs. And just like you are doing now, the tables have turned in terms of discrimination. People of different ethnicities are getting the jobs because companies want to look pro-culture. Yay! Great message, but is it fair? No.

      If you want things to change for you, then do something about it. Women didn't win the vote by getting their bottoms pinched and baking their hubbies pies. They risked everything they had to claim their own. Success is measured by your actions. People look up to those who rise from hardship. I believe that if you start loving yourself more, not for what you look like and how others may see you and what they say to you, but for what you achieve in your life, you will see such a beautiful world.

      I suffer from depression. And no matter how many times I try making a list of the positive things in my life, I just cannot pull myself out of a dark, emotionless place. I struggle to have fun. You may have NO IDEA what that's like, or you may do. You may even try to imagine (that would be nice). It makes my life hard because people do not want to be around me and say I'm boring and dull or saddening. But I work hard on myself to feel happy and find the good things in life.

      My message is: Open your eyes, open your mind and man up a bit! Life is hard for everyone in some shape or form. We could all make things easier for us all if everyone got a grip and stopped hating so much!

    3. Thanks for reading, and letting me know how you found this! Just want to address a few points here:

      - Social networkers are generally the worst people in every way, and don't represent the overall population. You shouldn't listen to what they say (and I include myself in that group).

      - Nowhere did I say that curvy and larger sizes are the only way women should be. I fully agree that health does not equal attractiveness, and you can't tell if someone is healthy just by looking at them. But it also sounds like you are equating body-building type physiques with natural thinness, which isn't really true, and not what I was discussing here.

      - I did not pull out any statistics about life being harder for disabled, elderly, young, blind, deaf, mute, gender, race, etc., because this post was about weight. And not any of those things. Of course things are harder for many people who belong to those groups, but it would be apples and oranges to compare.

      - I'm not really "turning the tables" in terms of discrimination. Thin people are not discriminated against in our society.

      - I never said I wanted things to change for me. That's a projection many of the commenters have made - and it's because they assume most people desire to be thin. Which kind of reinforces what I have said.

      - Sorry to hear of your struggles with depression - I do have some experience with it and it's not easy. Best of luck.

    4. Thank you for replying. I am a keen debater as it keeps my mind busy from other thoughts. Thank you for contributing to a healthy discussion. Just to respond to your points:
      - Correct. Social networkers do not represent the world's population and that is why I was careful to point out which people I was talking about. However, social networkers do represent 1/5 of the world's population, which is pretty insane. That's A LOT of people. And because of social media, messages spread like wildfire. Where there are idiots posting hate messages and things like the "Neck Nominations", educated and cultured people need to represent the other, quieter portion of population who are too busy to counter-post. My fear is that this mass-posting of hate will lead to mis-construed mentalities and develop more social divisions. This could lead to even more eating disorders and so on...
      - Natural thin-ness exists in everyone (you are probably LOL-ing right now - I know what you are thinking). People are sometimes born with amazing or detrimental genetics. Poor metabolisms can be prevalent in babies from two sedentary parents. However, this does not make them screwed (unless you have a metabolic disorder and that's beyond my knowledge). And a high metabolism, which means that energy is expended a lot more effiiciently is actually common in Obese people because over-eating ignites the metabolic cycle (=promotes energy use). Starvation will cause the opposite - hence why anorexic people look like a sack of bones because their muscles are the bodies' last resort for energy. The reason why a lot of people look "normal-skinny" and eat f-loads and hardly exercise is because they probably eat a lot, but eat a lot of good foods as well as some bad foods. They probably exercise more than they claim or think they do. I used to be one of the teens that ate and ate and just grew taller and never put on the pounds. It was because I was growing - that is genetics. It was not fun - I was 4 heads taller than everyone and had NO SHAPE - I hated the way I looked. EVeryone told me I should do modelling - NO I WANTED TO BE A SPORTS WOMAN or a doctor. My own mum told me that I didn't have to go to univertisty because I had better chances modelling. WTF! It really hurt - it felt like I was not smart enough for a proper job because I looked like a bimbo. I also never had boyfriends because the boys called me Green Giant or giraffe!

    5. However this was all until I turned 20 and suddenly put on 6kg in 3 months. I nipped this transition in the bud because I didn't like the feeling of feeling tight in my clothes and I didn't want to buy new ones. I also felt run down because of my diet - not eating properly caused nutritional deficiencies and poor performance in my mental and physical goals.
      Since I've started eating correctly (I have a few snacks here and there) my mood has improved despite depression. It's more manageable. Light exercise has also helped keep my body balanced in other ways than my body shape. So I've stopped thinking about my size and more about my insides. Turns out being healthy, a lot of the times, comes hand in hand with being slender, calmer and a clear-thinker.So I would like to ask you again - do you still HATE skinny people? And if so, I really fail to see why? My sister is obese. She was born with mental disabilities AND a thyroid problem. She has had a thyroid removed. She also had a Hep B vaccine that made her weight sky rocket. She was 16 stone at her heaviest. I know she had a very hard growing up. She has always confided in me about her troubles and social horrors - she has also had great social moments since she left her self-pity and self-loathing. And a lot of her stories remind me of some of mine. I guess your post is more of a rant then a point? If so, then OK cool - whatever. But please, I am interested if there is a point or two you are trying to make. Because I am struggling to see it. Is it that skinnier people can't understand what you went through? Like your comment about apples V oranges. Can you possibly know the troubles skinnier people go through? If you are OK with what you look like - why hate other shapes?

    6. You have a lot going on here, it's a little all over the place, but I will just address a very few points:

      - I agree that people born with poor metabolisms are not "screwed," but they certainly have to work harder than people born with normal or high metabolisms do to lose and keep off weight. Not exactly equal starting lines.

      - While I can recognize that people assuming you were not intelligent enough to be a doctor was hurtful, the point remains that you still could be a doctor without changing a lot about yourself. Fat people cannot be models without changing a lot about themselves. And models are generally considered to be the ideal body standard (that's what the word "model" means, after all), so again, while it's not nice that people may have assumed you weren't smart, they were still telling you that you belonged in a profession that is held up as the gold standard of body type.

      - I agree health is more important than size or shape.

      - Do I really HATE skinny people? No. This is a goofy ranting blog. Did you look at any other posts? I don't HATE skinny people any more than I HATE monty python fans. The point of this post boils down to: In general, I think thinner people have it easier than fat ones. That's not to say their lives are totally easy, nothing bad ever happens to them, or that nobody ever makes fun of them for being skinny. It means that they are not discriminated against in our society the way fat people are. And I've yet to see any comments from anyone that can successfully argue against that point.

    7. You have fair comments. I'll keep it short because there is little left to extract from this now you have answered my question - Ok, it was rant. And that's cool.
      Yes some people do have to work harder on their bodies. Others have to work harder on their health, others on their education. No one has it perfect, and one aspect isn't the most important for everyone.
      My point is simply, that you are one person only looking at the world from one stand point. I also think it isn't fair to claim that skinnier people have it easier.
      Size 0 is only ideal in fashion modelling and ballet, where girls take drugs and live off poor calorie intake (in general). Some modelling women actually manage to have their shapes by eating correctly.
      There are other modelling shapes that are sought after. My brother is a photographer and looks for original-looking people no matter what physique they have. That is still discrimination.

      Everyone is discriminated in some shape or form. In sport, women and men have different abilities in strength so they can never compete in the same standards (excluding equestrianism). Cultural restaurants and theatres can discriminate in race and it's lawfully acceptable. So if I wanted to be a Chinese Chef, I have VERY slim chances because I'm white British.

      And if I did want to be a model - I am now too old. Also, when I was a teenager and happened to be 4 heads above everyone else in height, I was still too short to be a runway model or any decent magazine. I also generally never aspired to be a model because I knew a few girls who became so depressed and insecure that they resorted to drug-use like cocaine.

      So... yeh... I wouldn't envy anyone that skinny. Personally, I aspire to be really muscly and lean like Jamie Eason and just be able to do anything physical I feel like doing. Not only because I would look firm and balanced but less likely to fall apart at an old age.
      The world is a tough place and equality and justice is an invention theorised by society not by nature. So that's how I cope with the natural inequalities. I challenge them!

  8. Ever thought that, 1)Thin people eat less because their stomach are smaller (just like how fat people eat more because their stomach are bigger)?
    And that 2) Not everybody likes the food you think of as 'tasty' or feels the need to over eat?
    I hate chocolate, and most sweet things, and I can't stand feeling over full and sluggish.

  9. Broadly speaking, everything you say here is true. What you ignore, though, is this indisputable fact: being fat is a moral and psychological failing. It's the result of inadequate planning, a tendency toward impulsivity, a disconnection from one's own bodily feelings of hunger or fullness. Fat people are fat because they need constant nutritional stimulation in order to avoid sinking into the anxiety and depression that is their natural psychological state. To all intents and purposes, they're drug addicts. It's for this reason that I try to avoid them and consider them, on some level, inadequate as people, in much the same way that I try to avoid heroin addicts.

  10. I am a skinny man who has been skinny all my life no matter what I eat. Picked on by peers, thought of as weak, bullied over my small size, people telling me they could snap me in half, told I am anorexic, yet eating 3000 or more calories a day (and not a guess either, I measured it when trying to put on weight). I have tried, and failed, to gain weight at least 10 times. TEN times. Sick of being skinny. Each time, I start to feel unwell, or it costs too much and I give up. Last thing we naturally thin people need is other people hating us because of something beyond our control. I don't hate fat people, and I don't bully them or give them a hard time. Just try to imagine what it is like for me as someone who looks like a skeleton eating 4000 calories a day, making yourself sick and feeling like death only to gain about 4lbs in a month. And with no exercise. No medical conditions either, my doctor ruled all and any of those out. Well it's as hard as if not harder than losing weight in my opinion. I've never heard of anybody fat who's tried to lose weight and failed TEN TIMES and only lost 4lbs at that.

  11. "And here’s what I hate about them: those skinny people will never, ever, ever understand that shame. "

    First off, hate is a very destructive feeling, which destroys those who feel it. Second, I've been shamed MANY MANY MANY MANY times over my weight as a "skinny person".

    "Nobody ever really makes fun of people for being too skinny. "

    No? Utter bollocks. I've had it all. "I'll break you in half". "You are anorexic". "You look like an old skeleton". "You are disgusting and no girl would ever want you". "You look like a corpse".

    "Here’s my other problem. I know being naturally skinny is a thing. I just kind of refuse to believe that if they tried really, really, really hard, those people still wouldn’t get fat."

    You want to bet? How about research the "Vermont Prison Study" whereby a number of skinny inmates were force fed as much as 10,000 calories per day and guaranteed early release from prison if they could gain 25% of their body weight. Not one achieved the goal. Some people are genetically hard-wired not to become fat or obese.

    "Sure, it’s not their first instinct to sit down and eat a half pound of mashed potatoes and gravy. (It’s not…mine…either.) But if they did that every day for a month, would they still be so stick thin? I think not!"

    First, I already eat more than the "average weight" person and several fat people I know. So I can very easily and "instinctually" eat half a pound of most anything really. Second, half a pound of mashed potato a day for a month? That won't come close to putting weight on me. Try 2-3 pounds a day, in addition to at least another 1500-2500 calories from other sources.

    "And thus I hypothesize that anyone who’s “naturally thin” just isn’t trying hard enough."

    Dead wrong. If 4000 calorie diets isn't trying hard enough what is? It will make most people fat, it will not make me fat. My genetic set-point is for an unusually low weight, and I hate it. But I cannot change it. As borne out by the 10 or so times I have tried and failed.

    "I, for one, am always in it to win it."

    Now that is a very selfish attitude to take. Life is not about "winning the argument" and being right, it is about understanding the truth. With the vacuous garbage you have spouted in this article, trying to suggest to people with my experience as a naturally skinny person that they are not trying hard enough, you are ignoring all manner of reality and truth, and being wantonly ignorant.

    "And that’s why those with stomachs that nature has declared too tiny to pig out really, realllllllyy piss me off. "

    Ha! My stomach is far from "tiny". I regularly out-eat much larger people with absolutely no trouble at all.

    1. It is good to hear the argument that I support stated so well. For a time, after hearing of peoples disgust at my naturally thin state, I began to believe them and think that it was ok to discriminate against me. It eventually became a normal thing,
      and I even APOLOGIZED TO THEM for it...
      Anyways, thanks for your post! I relate very much to it.

  12. I know that you must be offended by all of the replies to this article insulting you and calling you a whiney overweight cow , but you have written this article to make you sound exactly that. This article is just a torrent of built p ugliness that you have repressed when looking at people that are thinner than yourself. Do not post articles online with your silly opinion on people that are different to you , if someone that was underweight wrote a whole article about how your weight annoyed them , you would be extremely offended and insulted. Don't say , but that's different. It's not. You are still judging , whining and ranting about something that is none of your business and something you know nothing about , you sound like you are talking out of your arse. Thank you , this article is offensive and incredibly dumb. Write funnier articles.

    1. You are mistaken - I'm not offended by all the comments calling me a fat disgusting cow. Those comments say a lot more about the commenters than they do about me, and those types of comments are actually pretty hilarious to me in the context of this article. People read an article suggesting overall life is probably a bit easier for skinny people than it is for fat people, and then the best and most appropriate thing they think to insult me over is my weight. Amazing. Love it.

      Also you must be extremely busy if you post comments on every stupid blog where people post their "silly opinion on people who are different" than they are. That applies to almost every blog I have ever read on the internet. Godspeed on your noble mission.

    2. Ahhhahah, do you know what this post says about you? That you're an awfull arrogant person that envys others and doesn't have any empathy. You think being teased about your weight is a really big problem? You think skinny people have an easy life and never get bullied? You need to step back from you're shell and see that there are greater problems that yours! I'm sorry that your shallowness, short-mind and bitterness stops you from having a fulfilled life...

    3. And conversely, your reply shows that you read neither the article nor any of my other reply comments that address the issues you brought up. I'm well aware there are MANY greater problems than mine in this world; for instance, the diminishing quality of education in our country, leading to horrifically misspelled and typo-ridden comments like yours. (Unless you are not in this country and not a native speaker. In that case, good job at speaking another language fairly well.)

  13. "Nobody ever really makes fun of people for being too skinny."

    That point there.. it's just not true. Skinny people get made fun of all the time. We hear things like "Do you ever eat? Are you anorexic? You have chicken legs. You need to eat more. You look disgusting. You're so unhealthy. Bones are for the dogs. Real woman have curves." These comments are constant, and eventually it starts making people like myself, self conscious. It's just like me walking up to someone and saying "You eat too much. Do you ever stop eating? You're so fat." Comments like the ones I listed above are inconsiderate and rude either way. It's not acceptable to be commenting on anyone's weight negatively unless you have a serious concern for that person.

    Some people are born naturally skinny, and others naturally overweight. It's just as hard for us to gain weight as for overweight people to lose weight. No matter how hard we try.

    No, I don't understand what it's like to be overweight, I can't completely sympathize with you. But I can sympathize with being bullied on the topic of weight. I'd never put someone down for their weight, because I know what it's like. Everyone's different, and not all of us can control it.

    To the people commenting above who are insulting her about her weight and such, that's just as bad as the insults she's used with skinny people. You don't need to insult someone to prove a point.

    And Joanna, maybe you should ask some people you know who are naturally skinny what bad experiences they've had before you start mouthing off about a group of people you clearly know nothing about, maybe you'll learn something, and be a little more open minded. End of story.

  14. This post only reflects the self hatred you have for yourself.

    1. ^The comment that has made the most sense

  15. I don't care if you are big or thin. Take my advice:

    Try this. The next time someone makes fun of you, cut a joke about yourself. 1. You will instantly feel better, laughter is the best medicine 2. They won't laugh at you any more because you aren't showing pain.

    It also makes your internal pain over weight seem silly when you put it into context. This is about control, vanity, and power, and nothing is more in control, beautiful and powerful than a confident person who can contain their emotions and avoid hurting other people.

    I get away with being sickeningly skinny because I make regular jokes about myself. I have crohns disease. I don't care what people say because it doesn't matter. I have what matters, friends, family. You see my point. The second someone makes fun of me, it gives me power over them and signifies that they are weak. There is no greater feeling than to be sitting calm and collected while the world boils around you. I'll even add a little salt to the pot.

  16. So hang tight. Don't relinquish your power to those you envy. Remember the grass isn't greener on the other side, ever. Karma works that out. Let them do their work until they find out their efforts were futile all along. Go be successful, bantering about weight isn't going to fix anything. It'll just ping pong around from skinny to fat to fat to skinny. Something is always going to be 'in'. Right now fat is in. There is an influx of "real woman" memes, cheeseburger jokes, and public humiliation going on aimed at skinny people.

    P.s. Everyone knows shame and humiliation. That girl you made fun of? What if she was raped? Her boyfriend cheated on her and went public. Her mother is abusive. Her brother is a murderer. Are you starting to see my point? Invalidating someone's suffering over something as stupid as weight is brash and immature.

  17. You acc need to wise up I am naturally slender I was in PE once a girl said right in front of everyone ' bend over look at your back why is it so bony' tso no thin people get just as much hate as bigger people I've also got 'Are you Aneroxic, I could break your bones, don't you ever eat' it's very obvouis you've no respect for anybody and take your hate out on people round yu why don't you go to the gym if your so tired of being big

  18. You acc need to wise up I am naturally slender I was in PE once a girl said right in front of everyone ' bend over look at your back why is it so bony' tso no thin people get just as much hate as bigger people I've also got 'Are you Aneroxic, I could break your bones, don't you ever eat' it's very obvouis you've no respect for anybody and take your hate out on people round yu why don't you go to the gym if your so tired of being big

  19. too skinny can be as insulting as too fat. (“You know, that is just as rude as asking a really heavy person how much they weigh.” Ummmmm. Are. You. Kidding. NO. It is not.) really?! it IS INSULTING you have never been thin before. you're a selfish person who only think about yourself

  20. Being "skinny" has turned me into a mean person. I am 5'3 and 97lbs. Comments from people who say it to your face or I hear it from a few feet away. I am naturally small and muscular. I could just pretend that I don't hear them and blow it off but it happens so often that just chips away at yourself comments from men like oh I would break you and people say whatever they want to you because they think you're too small or nice 2 retaliate.when I hear people's comments I give him dirty looks or if they say it to my face then I usually tell them where to go and make them feel dumb. I shouldn't have to be on guard all the time!! sad thing is that I do have some talent and my body is very fit and good looking but because it is so small everybody feels the need to make themselves feel better by making me feel like s*** so if you think that just happens to overweight folks? I am a nice person, but is slipping away. I do not talk bad about other folks if I have a thought in my head I keep it there I feel no need to make other people feel like crap.if I never speak up how would anyone know how this makes me feel!

    1. I'm just naturally under 17 BMI!
      Same as
      I'm just naturally morbidly obese!

      If your BMI is "Naturally" under 17 BMI you DO need to see a doctor same as a morbidly obese person needs to see a doctor.

  21. I love apples and celery in my peanut buttery world :) I couldn't read through all the comments as they were so harsh and unnecessary. Low self-esteem really does bring out the worst in people on both sides. Whether fat or skinny, tall or short, white/black/asian/mexican/indian/arab, etc. everyone has a brain that looks like all the other brains. The brain is all you need to succeed, and this is where I disagree with you on the statistics you found via internet. I'm so glad I took AP Statistics, because I had become more aware of the inaccurate scope of statistical data that is more prevalent now in order to prove 'facts'. A study does not survey everyone in the whole population (millions upon millions), but only a mere less than one percent most of the time due to expense, difficulty, bias, etc. No matter your size, shape, color, whatever it is just ignore it ALL. Focus on that bland, grey matter called the brain. In order to become successful in this world, especially high end positions such as CEOs, doctors, lawyers, etc. they didn't let their looks straddle them down and didn't resort in blaming others or degrade them. The moral of the story is---Do a world a favor, shut the fuck up everyone (stop putting each other down), grab a book, and become less ignorant. Appreciate all the good things in life and stop stressing about your appearances. What do you need your appearance for anyways? For a career in modeling that's pretty much it. Which is stupid. Whether fat or skinny, embrace yourselves and don't let anyone bog you down! Instead, utilize your brain and intelligence to become the boss of those models and NOT the models (getting more skinny/bigger in order to gain society's acceptance). They have other people tell them what to do. They have other people tell them what to do and how to feel. Furthermore, Joanna, thank you for writing this, as this blog post sparks the unruly, beast-like, and sad responses thus revealing humanity's disgraceful, continuous condition of judging and lack of understanding of one another.

  22. Also, kudos, it's already 2014 and I stumbled upon this blog!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I'm tired of all this "big is beautiful" stuff. Not because I have a beef against overweight people, but because I've heard hurtful comments towards my weight (110 bls. 5'8) as if I'm the enemy!

    Skinny people can also be on your side. Sorry you're so mad about something small people can't control. Control yourself instead.

  25. This post has so much hypocrisy. I have tried and tried to gain weight because of posts and thoughts like this. Statements like "real women aren't size zero, real women have curves." Maybe it's time for a skinny is beautiful, natural, and doesn't make you fake campaign, so girls like me can realize then don't have to gain weight to be real and "normal." Congratulations on adding to the problem.

    1. "Real women" don't even have to have female reproductive organs nowadays.
      They are as real as their hormones are.
      This is a pointless post with no points to make so don't take it at heart. Haters will hate.

  26. This is disgusting. I'm naturally slim and its anything but easy! I am 14, 5ft7, and weigh 47kg so I constantly get called twig,stick,anorexic,spider legs, pencil, everything like that and I hate it. Personally I feel so self conscious about my body especially when wearing a swimming costume. I've never dieted, I eat lots but I also eat healthily yet I'm still underweight by no fault of my own. My so called friends also think I have it easy and if I say I don't like my body they reply with something like 'but you're skinny, you can't be self conscious' I hate it. I've been told that I have the body of a 12 year old boy - I have no shape, like a pencil, as a teenager it makes me feel worse about myself so much. If you are overweight then do something about it, I'm not saying being skinny is everything but being healthy and happy with your own appearance is very important, and I definitely don't recommend going on a stupid diet where you have a quarter of your recommended calorie intake - because that is just silly.

    I'm assuming that if someone called you fat you wouldn't feel good or happy, well just remember when you say something like this about hating naturally skinny people, it feels as bad for us as it does when you get called fat, just because we're skinny does not mean we are body confident so think before you say something like this again because it is disgusting, pathetic and ridiculous pointing something out about a person that they cannot control

  27. I weigh 93 lbs, am five feet short, and I'll out eat you any day of the week. Bring on that Chinese buffet and those mashed potatoes and gravy ;P

    I also feel like that you should be proud of whatever you look like... but you are completely discriminating on people without reason. That's not nice ]:

  28. Who the fuck cares about thin people feelings, I'm so sick of thin girls, if I had it my way we'd round them all up and shoot them.

    this article was great

    1. You are a disgusting human being.

  29. Wow, Sarah. Sounds like you got a lot of hatred. And stranger even, that you seem proud of it. Shame on you.

  30. First of all, I feel the need to say "Fuck you".
    Second of all, I'd like to take it back because it's kind of rude and mean. It's not really how I feel after I've thought about, regardless of any sort of physical or mental differences, the fact that you are a fellow human being with feelings.
    Lastly, here is a list of things that can happen to everyone, regardless of weight/size:
    Realize that you are a consciousness inhabiting a body; A body that should be cared for and protected. Allow your consciousness to be accepting and honest, but do not act as if you are any better or any worse than someone because of physical differences. The goal should not be to fit into a cookie cutter shape, but instead to be the happiest/best that you can be with what you have.

  31. You are a mean and hateful person. Fat or skinny I don't care, you are hateful.
    Slim people are not the enemy.

  32. My little sister has shed tears because of your stupid, hateful article. You're a bitch, and I really hate you. Not because you're fat, but because you're a bully.

  33. My little sister has shed tears because of your stupid, hateful article. You're a bitch, and I really hate you. Not because you're fat, but because you're a bully.

  34. I understand in a way. I'm not fat , but I'm not skinny , but I want to be super skinny so bad . My naturally skinny friend is always comparing my body to hers and making comments about how certain parts of my body jiggle . I wish I could loose a ton of weight and look like her . As much as I don't want to , sometimes , I find myself looking at skinny people ( Abraham Lincoln , the once ler , Kate moss etc ) and think " fuck you ! You don't have to give a shit about what you eat , and yet you're still going to be skinny . Any time I pick up , even a small bag of chips , I blow up " . I don't hate skinny people , it's just , they don't understand what it feels like to want to kill yourself for being fat .